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If you are one of the thousands of musicians who have a home studio and a valve guitar amp, you'll know how tricky it can be to capture those sonic delights at anyhting less than house eviction levels. Wouldn't it be cool to capture that pure, valve bursting utterance on disc, at acceptable domestic levels? Well know you can, thanks to the new Bluestone Pro load box from Emerson Williams.

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Bluestone Pro from Emerson Williams; a load box that claims to retain true amp tone and dynamics, as well as offering all the inputs and outputs a modern guitarist needs.

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Sound on Sound

If you need to record a tube guitar-amplifier via direct injection but without feeding the amp through its usual loudspeaker, you need two components: a dummy load to correctly load the amplifier, and a speaker emulator to recreate the tonality imparted by the loudspeaker. A dummy load is essential, as tube amps are designed to run into a specific impedance — so running with no load can wreck the output stage, and even if it doesn't the sound won't be the same as when running into the correct load.

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