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Bluestone Pro

The concept for bluestone pro is to drive an amplifier (at it’s sweet spot) into a dummy load, to tap off that load, process the signal to simulate the amp speaker, and output a signal level that will drive headphones/audio level mixer/computer input stages - all without destroying the amplifier tone.


  • Jack socket input from the amp, and a through jack socket to connect the amp to the speaker.
  • The speaker/DI switch toggles between normal amp speaker operation and output to headphones/DI.
  • When the DI position is selected the amp speaker is switched out and the signal diverted onto the dummy load.
  • There is a through signal path labelled 'audio' which allows backing tracks to be mixed in with the amp output, and a balanced line 600 ohm output. This is fed to the outside via a combi (xlr and stereo jack) socket. A ground lift switch has been included eliminate any ground loops.
  • There is a safeguard so that if the speaker lead is inadvertently left out the unit loads the amplifier in whichever position the speaker/DI switch is set.
  • The LED indicator beside the headphone/DI output socket is there to indicate signal strength. Full red means danger

Function summary:

  • Listen to amp through headphones. No external sound.
  • Record amp at sweet spot to computer/audio desk. No microphone.
  • Parallel amp output to audio desk/PA.
  • Play amp on stage with no volume – PA controls the front of house and fold-back.

There are no power considerations for the unit as it derives the energy required for function from the power of the amplifier. This energy soak is negligible so does not affect the tonal quality of the amp in any way. There is no additional noise generated.

Bluestone pro is designed for professional players, semi pro players, recording studios, and exhibitions/trade shows as well as for the home musician with a valve (or transistor) amp who wants to play through headphones and achieve the same sound as playing at volume through the amp’s speaker. It can also be used to record an amp played at volume without bringing the down wrath of partners or neighbours. Every music shop should have a least one to allow customers to try out amps in their shops without driving other customers out the door.

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